Consulting companies and organizations in development cooperation

  • International consulting companies
  • Governmental organizations, banks and institutions working in development cooperation
  • NGO´s

Private customers

  • Business model: rural solar station
    In cooperation with local partners/businesses solar service- and sales points will be developed and equipped. There, battery powered devices and tools can be charged and purchased. Products, goods
    and services for the daily live such as cooled drinks and food or printing and internet services can also be offered. The solar points serve as market place, service point and social meeting oint. The points will have light up to late night, sport events or movies can be screened.
  • Inter- und Multinational Companies
    The cooperation with international companies works on different levels and comprises e.g. the power supply for construction sites, mobile sites in rural areas or the permanent supply for housing or research facilities.
  • Security companies
    Electronically controlled security systems are mostly backed up by generators against power cuts. But in conflict or disaster situations or crisis the fuel supply can be critical. With solar nergy based backup systems an entirely autarkic functionality can be assured.