solvienta Off-Grid-Systems

Preparation and Consulting

  • Feasibility studies (incl. requirements and regulations for electrification)
  • Needs analysis and assistance in decision making on fitting energy system
  • Technical Consulting/Calculation/System design
  • Consulting for the implementation of renewable energy projects in development cooperation (village development/natural resource management/national park management/PPP ect.)
  • Accompaniment in the preparatory consultation and information of stakeholders
  • Consulting in project preparation and information at stakeholder level
  • Financial calculation


  • Detailed planning, calculation and concept development of complete systems including all necessary documents for sponsors, donors and investors
  • Logistics and Transport preparation and planning
  • Elaboration of or support to presentations for sponsors, donors and stakeholders


  • solvienta plug-n-power 1.5 (modular designed solar power station, individually extendable, -> more information)
  • We work product independent in order to maintain the best optional choice in terms of customized technology and budgetary restrictions

Sales and delivery of complementary products

Battery powered

  • Light systems
  • Cooling systems
  • Security systems
  • Telecommunication, Television und IT
  • Machineries and others

Delivery and installation

  • Delivery of the complete system to the agreed location according to the contract
  • Complete installation inclusive all required services for the preparation and commissioning of the system with national and if required international experts and craftsman
  • Elaboration of security concepts
  • Commissioning of the systems and instruction of local maintenance teams
  • Handing over of an as-build-documentation for investors and as adapted version for users and local maintenance personnel


  • Warranty over an agreed period of years
    • Replacement of spare parts
  • Elaboration of a maintenance concept and financing of the concept
  • Supply or required tools and spare parts
  • Instruction of maintenance personnel
  • Frequent maintenance through professionals according to the contract

After sales service

  • Support for users, operators and maintenance personnel after the contractual guarantee period
  • Frequent system control through professionals according to the contract


  • Planning, design and implementation
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Calculation